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Katrin Lendle

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User Entrepreneurship is a new phenomenon that has led to the extension of research in the field of user innovation. It describes a user who invents a product or service for his own personal use because of the non-existence of such a product or service currently in the market. This has culminated in the user entrepreneur subsequently, retailing the invention for commercial purposes.
The goal of this thesis is to discover how user entrepreneurial start-ups can achieve competitive advantages. The methodology employed was based on multiple case studies. Interviews were conducted with three entrepreneurial start-ups in the field of information technology. Afterwards, the theory of the resource-based view in the context of information systems was used to analyze the findings of the individual case studies. By analyzing each case study separately and then implementing a cross-case analysis, this study discovered that besides several similar types of resources, two specific resources were found in all three cases, giving them the ability to achieve a competitive advantage.