Radical Innovations - case study

Radical innovations are ahead of competition - but sometimes already ahead of their market and user acceptance. 
This thesis is looking at selected examples of radical innovation and analyses it in the context of its' ecosystem. 
More information will be given in a face-to-face meeting. If you are interested in this topic, please contact Julia Jonas with your CV and some information about your studies!

IP in collaborative innovation

When innovating in collaborative projects, the role of intellectual property (IP) and the evaluation of inputs for the definition of revenue flows are crucial. This thesis looks at current practices of handling IP in the early phases of innovation and the perceptions of collaborating innovators all around this important issue. Details and more background will be discussed in a first meeting.

Blockchain mechanisms for Mobile Apps – a feasibility study in industry (Thesis in German or English)

Industries and old ways of doing business have been revolutionized in the last decades with technological advancements. A new technology with the potential to truly revolutionize and disrupt many industries again is the blockchain mechanism for decentralized transaction and data management. While it was initially developed for Bitcoin cryptocurrency, the blockchain principle is a very generic approach to solve trust / authenticity in the digital economy.

Digitalisierung im Garten- und Landschaftsbau

Während die Digitalisierung in großen Unternehmen schon seit Jahren auf der Agenda steht und umgesetzt wird, stellt sich für klassische Mittelständler nachwievor die Frage wie das eigene Portfolio auf Basis digitaler Technologien erweitert werden kann. In der ausgeschriebenen Abschluss- oder Projektarbeit soll der Fall eines fränkischen Garten- und Landschaftsbauunternehmen und dessen Initiativen digitale Dienste anzubieten näher beleuchtet werden.

Weitere Infos unter martin.schymanietz [at] fau.de

Insur-techs: disruptive innovation or marketing scam? (Thesis in German or English)

The digital transformation has led to the creation of so-called “insur-tech” start-ups, which provide new kinds of services in the context of insurance. These services can have very different properties. While some focus on sales of insurance policies, others provide consulting, and yet another group of companies runs platforms for risk-sharing among peers as a complementary service to existing insurance offers.

Diffusion of innovation in a customer-centric world (Thesis in German or English)

Diffusion models of innovation are an important tool used by companies to plan the introduction of novel products on the market. Under optimal conditions, companies will schedule their innovations in a way that a new one becomes available at the time when the previous one has reached a saturation phase and does not spread to any further. This is comparably easy to achieve in the case of standard products which are centrally planned, but not when products are customized or when users are involved to drive the innovation process in different directions.

How can innovation management benefit from disagreements? (Thesis in German or English)

Sometimes, people involved with innovation just seem to speak different languages. Nevertheless, they can drive innovation ahead. A recent paper of our chair discusses this penomenon as cultural translation (http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/09537325.2017.1380180). Cultural translation occurs when groups of people interact who have different understandings of the innovations which are developed in the lab.


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