TitleEnabling companies to make use of industrial clouds - Foundations for Evidence-Based Engineering of Service Systems
Publication Type04. Conference Papers
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsHöckmayr, B.
Conference NameKSS 2016
Date Published02/2016
Conference LocationKarlsruhe
AbstractCyber-physical systems (CPS) and their underlying technological manifestations have a deep impact on various industry sectors, e.g. manufacturing or logistics. The conjunction of machine intelligence with human intelligence together with the ubiquitous availability of data and vast opportunities for automation allow for new forms of service provision. To date, however, the lack of design knowledge on such architectures limits the opportunities for taking advantage of recent technological developments to engineer innovative service. Gaining this designknowledge represents a challenge since value creation in the field of services strongly relies on their conceptualization as being contextual and collaborative. The complex socio-technical context of service systems and the central role of interactions among the participating actors are limiting the opportunities for meaningful research in laboratory settings. Hence, in order to generate design knowledge with strong validity, research has to be embedded within existing service systems or within the engineering of respective novel socio-technical entities. By this, evidence-based knowledge can be aggregated and instrumentalized for the design, implementation and evaluation of real-world service systems in the course of service systems engineering (SSE).

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