Kognitionsunterstützendes Lehr-Lern-System für den generationenübergreifenden Wissensaustausch in der Logistik

The goal of the project is to create a cognitive, innovative teaching-learning system in the field of logistics, which supports both older and younger workers or new employees with the help of experts and process knowledges. The special feature of the project is that the employees have access to the system ("reciprocal teaching-learning system") both as learners and as teachers. In addition, innovative interactions will be developed. They simplify the preparation as well as the retrieval of learning contents and can be integrated directly into the work process. The teaching and learning system consists of three different components, which will be developed during the duration of the project and will be integrated to a prototype: the learning-teaching platform is the central memory and retrieval location of the learning contents, the process tool kit supports the preparation of the learning contents, and the touch-for-information system allows the learning contents to be retrieved during the work process. This system also offers the possibility to adapt to other industries and to subsequently market the concept for other users.

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+49 (0) 911 5302-458

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2013 to 2016

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