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Digitalization, the sociotechnical process of applying digitizing techniques to broader social and institutional contexts, is regarded as a driver for opening up new innovation opportunities. In line with this, digitalization is often considered the key driver and facilitator of innovation in service contexts.

However, the role of digitalization in service innovation remains ambiguous. Hence, investigating its implications is currently regarded as one of the top research priorities for the progression of service science. In this context, service systems engineering (SSE) has the potential to respond. In contrast to extant service engineering research, SSE acknowledges the potential for systemic, interactive, and collaborative service innovation that can be derived from advances in digital technologies.

Hence, there is a need to gain a better understanding of how new value propositions that arise from the impact of digitalization on extant service systems that can be leveraged by means of service systems engineering.


The aim of the proposed thesis is therefore:

(1) to asses the impact of digitalization on extant resources in service systems

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